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Analytics and Data Unleash the Potential of Great Insurance Companies

Grow Revenue

Major Asian multi-line company improved marketing campaigns to boost new accounts by 18% and premiums by $1.8B

Optimize Product Portfolio

Privately held US provider reduced catastrophic loss by 15.8% while holding risk loss forecasts accurate within 2% to lower risk reserve requirements

Deliver a Better Client Experience

Large US-based insurance and financial services company with global reach earned $276M with programs that retained nearly 100% of targeted customers

What would it mean to your business if you could…


Detect customer patterns in real-time, globally across all business lines and channels, and proactively act to impact overall customer experience


Understand your existing most profitable clients and utilize those detailed profile attributes to acquire similar new clients and increase global market share


Identify and examine fraud patterns in historical and real-time data to detect fraud before the damage happens


Recognize clients’ positive and negative social media as well as their web interactions and use that insight to enhance customer retention and/or drive up-sell or cross-sell revenues


Enable successful innovation and development of new products—the right products for your customer, with the best impact to your bottom-line


Manage any area of your business with shared organizational knowledge, from anywhere, in real-time; ask a question, get the answer about your customer and your business now

And what if you could deliver a 1% improvement in KPIs?

You could return millions to the bottom line.

This is the Power of One that a unified analytic ecosystem can deliver:
Revenue Growth

New Clients: $X.XM

Client Retention: $X.XM

Cross-sell/Up-sell: $X.XM

Pricing: $X.XM
Decreased Operating Expenses

Fraudulent Claims: $X.XM

Customer Service: $X.XM

Marketing Budget: $X.XM

Sales Budget: $X.XM


Total ROE Improvement


Incremental Cashflow Benefit

Calculations are based upon industry standards and Teradata’s experiences with other clients.

Capitalize on Your Data Assets

AI and Deep Learning to Detect Sophisticated Fraud

Fraudsters often leave tiny data traces such as a common address, phone numbers, emails, bank accounts, registration details, doctors or lawyers, and so on in the claims detail and call center notes. This data visualization shows the connections between all good insurance claims and fraudulent claims already identified.

Pathing Analytics and Driven Customer Management

Multi-genre analytics with consumer pathing

  • Uncovered the cause of 80% failure rate for a service process
  • Netted $10M incremental profit by changing two sales processes for a single product
  • Identified more than 40 business opportunities

Smart Innovation in Product Development

Data and analytics have become increasingly critical to engineers and designers at Volvo who are working on industry-changing business opportunities like these:
  • Self-driving cars with new functionality that lets “drivers” fill their idle time in-car with email, work, or entertainment
  • Transportation as a service
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle communication

Unleash Your Potential

When competing in today’s competitive connected economy, you need a trusted partner that has as much experience and understanding of your industry as it does of data and analytics. For nearly 40 years, Teradata has been putting its knowledgeable experts and superior technology solutions to work for insurance companies around the world to simplify the path to the best—most profitable—business outcomes.

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